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The Art of Dawn Patrol

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The Art of Dawn Patrol

Eddie Schoen

We generally have about sixteen hours between the time we wake up and the time we go back to bed each day.   Let's say ten of those hours are spent at work, including getting to and from. That leaves a meager six hours to play and take care of all our other life responsibilities. What can you get done in those six hours?

With a bit of planning and creativity, you can stack those numbers in your favor.  Trust me, I have a background in accounting, I'm skilled at manipulating numbers.

For example, get to bed early one night, then be out the door at 3:00am and on your way into the mountains for a half-day's worth of adventure and still be in the office by 9:00.  For those of us without the luxury of quick access to the mountains, go for a long run or bike ride.  Do something you would normally save for a full day off, and get it done before the sun comes up. You can expand this idealogy to your weekends.  It can't happen all the time, it's  just not sustainable.  But every once in a while, come up with a big plan and just go for it.  This is the art of the dawn patrol.

It's about more than just getting out to play an extra day.  It's about not being imprisoned to your routine.  It's about squeezing every last bit of juice out of your time alive.  It's about cramming four days of adventure into a two day weekend.  It's about traveling without sleep.  It's about seeing the sunrise from a different perspective.  It's about, as a good friend likes to say, getting ten gallons of crazy into a one gallon bucket.

Here's a little inspiration, captured by my buddy Jason, of one of the more beautiful dawn patrols we had this winter.